What do we do?

The Chemistry Society is a resource for students taking chemistry regardless of what their major is. We also hold events for students to get to know each other and their professors as well as various seminars for graduate or career information. Our executives are current York students who have taken chemistry courses and can answers questions from undergraduate students during our office hours.

How can I become an executive member of CSY?

You can apply to become a member of CSY during the Winter semester of every year. We also hold elections for first-year students in September. To see whether or not we are currently holding elections please click here. 

If we are not currently holding elections please stop by our office to become an official member to get discounts off our tests and get cool merchandise! Additionally, please become a member through our YUConnect to become a general active member and get volunteer hours (these are only provided if you help out at our events)!

Why don't we sell newer dated test packages?

We require permission to see these packages, and so we do not have permission to see any new tests.

What test packages do we have? Do they all have solutions?

The list of available packages can be found in our test database and their availability depends on the demand. Not all of our tests have full solutions (some may just have the answer) nor are answers provided to all the questions.