Chemistry Society at York

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Welcome to the official Chemistry Society at York website.
A CSY our motto is to help the students of York University in their pursuit of chemical studies. We've been in existence since before 1998 hosting various events, supplying past tests and exams as study aids and providing practical advice.

Announcement: We will be closed during Summer 2018. Club activities will resume in September 2018. Meanwhile, feel free to contact us.

Our services for undergraduate students:

    • Host Undergraduate Research Orientation event (previously known as the Lab Tour)
    • Host Meet the Profs event
    • Sell affordable Chemistry lab equipment (Lab Coats and Goggles)
    • Sell Custom Chemistry Merchandise
    • Host Academic workshops and Mock Midterm events
    • Rent Lab Coats and Goggles (unavailable for the 2021 – 2022 school year)
    • Organize other cool events

Feel free to drop by during our office hours in the Chemistry Building room 206!